Harbour Fish Limited.

Harbour Fish is a family-owned and operated seafood business based in Dunedin, New Zealand.We are involved in the harvest, processing and sale of all of our fresh product to ensure the seafood we deliver is of the highest possible quality.Our fresh product is caught between Timaru and Bluff by small in-shore fishing boats, most of whom have worked with us since we started out 10+ years ago. They are typically owner-operated, and many – particularly our iwi fishermen who catch Ngai Tahu allocated quota - are run by second, third or even fourth generation fishermen. Our fish is caught to pre-existing orders or known demand, to ensure our fishermen catch only what we need, and that minimal fish is wasted. Fish spends as little time as possible on deck before being iced, refrigerated and delivered to our factory for processing, often within a...


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